The sex-positive attitude affirms, celebrates and reflects sexuality in its diverse forms of expression. It stands for a responsible, conscious and considerate handling of sexuality, free from any moral judgement and free of any conventions and prejudices.
We organize a sex-positive conference, a festival and parties under the umbrella of SEXOLUTION. Further educational activities will follow.

The sexpositive conference Sexolution is intended to bring people from the areas of research, therapy and the sexpositive subculture together. The conference offers a forum for critical discourse, publicity and networking on all sex-positive topics.

April 30th. – May 3rd. 2020
Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Wien 
Campus Prater Freudplatz 1
1020 Vienna

The sexpositive festival Sexolution is a colorful mix of sexpositive workshops, play parties, performances, sharing groups, wellness, (un)structured meeting rooms, and participatory art. 5 days for personal growth, joy and new experiences.
This festival will change your life!

October 14th. -18th. 2020
Zell am See

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Coming soon

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